Captain Oats Pudding

Captain Oats Pudding



Captain Oats Instant Oatmeal and Quick Cook Oatmeal, 500gm
UHT Milk, 1litre
Sugar, 50gm
Salt, 10gm
Butter, 50gm
Vanilla Pod / essence, 1 stick
Gelatin Powder, 50gm
Sultanas, 50gm
Berries - Cherry / Blueberry, 50gm
Roasted Walnuts, 30gm
Roasted Almonds, 30gm
Roasted Pine Seeds, 20gm
Roasted Sunflower Seeds, 20gm
Cooking Chocolate, 200gm
Butter, 50gm
Whip Cream, 0.3litre
Egg White, 6
Icing Sugar, 300gm


1. Heat up pot with UHT Milk and split vanilla pod
2. Add butter, sugar and salt, mixed well
3. Strain to another pot then add Captain Oats and gelatine powder
4. Cook until thick consistency
5. Add berries, nuts and seeds
6. Mix well, place into mould and chill
7. Remove for mould and plate as shown


1. Chop the Cooking Chocolate block to pieces
2. Put into a clean mixing bowl over a hot water bath
3. Left to soften
4. Add butter and whip cream to smoothen the sauce
5. Keep warm to serve


1. Whipped Egg White with salt till stiff
2. Fold in Icing Sugar
3. Place mixture into piping bag
4. Spread mixture from piping bag on to a grease proof tray / pan in desire shape
5. Bake in oven for 5 minutes
6. Remove and serve as shown