Captain Oats is committed to continually improve our efficiency and advancement in the manufacturing and technology of the production of oats. Through the years, our factory has gone through many phases of improvements where our milling processes are now fully automated with more than USD10 Million invested during the recent upgrading exercise. Our manufacturing procedures comply with the food safety requirements and have achieved the ISO 22000, HACCP & JAKIM HALAL standards.


Oats, nature's magic gold, is often underestimated for its wonders in providing the necessary nutrients that our bodies need. The amazing oats are an excellent natural source of nutrition, containing high amounts of Protein and essential minerals such as Magnesium. It also contains Beta-Glucan, a beneficial fibre that helps to lower cholesterol.

At Captain Oats, we use premium quality oats from Australia. Our priority is to ensure our oats are fresh and processed with optimal nutrient preservation through our proprietary OatiFresh™ Process.



The first thing that we do when the imported oats arrive at our factory is to thoroughly clean the oats to remove the dust, weeds, thin grains and loose hulls. The grains will undergo a cleaning process to remove impurities, foreign materials and so on. The cleaned oats is then dehulled to remove the husk from the oat kernel before the oat kernel is passed to the kilning process.



Through our proprietary OatiFresh™ process, the enzyme of oat kernel will be deactivated to prevent rancidity and also to enhance the flavor and aroma.



Next, the kilned oat kernel will be cut and graded to a certain granulation before it is steamed and rolled according to the desired thickness which is called oat flakes or similarly known as rolled oats.



The final oat products are immediately packed in various forms for its freshness and goodness. We assure all products leaving our mill for distribution to our customers meet the highest standards set by Captain Oats without compromising on food safety and quality standard.