Ancient People Loved Oats,
So Do We!

Over 32,000 years ago, hunter-gatherers during the Paleolithic Era* would grind oats in their pestles as hearty and nutritious meals.

Today, Captain™ continues to bring delicious and nutritious oats to every household by perfecting the recipe with natural premium Australian oats via the OatiFresh™ process.
That’s our commitment to you!



Milestone 1


Established by a visionary.
Mr Chew Choo Han founded Federal Oat Mills, the first oats manufacturer in South East Asia.

Milestone 3


Expanded to the Middle East.
Began exporting to the Middle East and is now the leading oatmeal brand by consumers there.

South East Asia


First sale in Southeast Asia.
Captain™ was sold across the region through direct distribution channel.

Milestone 4


Development of new distribution channels.
Captain™ expanded their footprint across Malaysia.

Milestone 5


Household name across Asia.
Over the decades, Captain™ has expanded in Asia, particularly in the South-East Asia and Greater China regions.

Milestone 6


Global domination.
Captain™ expanded its reach worldwide, as a credible oats brand among buyers and consumers.

Milestone 7


Catering to the busy and on-the-go professionals.
Captain™'s Eazy-Go range of instant flavoured oatmeal range was launched in 4 delightful flavours.

Milestone 8


Always upgrading and improving.
The same old recipes that you all know and love in a brand new look!

Federal Oat Mills


New year, new and improved.
Captain™ moved into its new state-of-the-art plant located in Penang Science Park.



The preferred oatmeal brand for all generations
Healthy meals = happy consumers! We aim to be the preferred brand choice around the world for nutritious oats to improve the health and wellbeing of families. Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a mid-day snack, we will have the oats for you!



- Health living: We will always produce wholesome oat products for families around the world, and promote healthy and balanced lifestyles.
- Food safety: We comply with internationally recognized food safety and hygiene standards which govern our manufacturing practices.
- R&D: We continue investing in R&D programs to develop innovative and nutritious oat products to meet the evolving needs of our consumers.
- Ethics: We are committed to conducting our business professionally and ethically with all our stakeholders.
- Our People: We will support a fair and conducive work environment for our employees.


We care for our community and will continue to support local communities and do our part for a better society. We also care for our environment and will do our part for a cleaner, greener world for future generations.